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Goooood day Friday!!

Finally the weekends are almost here… so close that i can almost smell it!


The currency pair attempts to rally but fall short of 1.4951+.


Our clue the S&P 500 attempts to recover the loses from yesterday as well, almost succeeding in it.

In the meanwhile, oil has fallen to $76+

Gold, our all time winner, currently stands at $11115+


Today in Singapore,France’s Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said “We definitely want a strong dollar.” If a busload of pro US Dollar comments surfaces, i will be watching for a possibility of a break down of  the bullish rally. The renewed and stronger commitment of support towards the US Dollar may switch sentiments.

Friday afternoon usually results in low volume as traders close shop for the weekends.

Bullish moves may run to test 1.4950+ while a bearish momentum may take on 1.4910+.


Did you catch the movie 2012? Is it nice? So much things to do over the weekends but so little time.

Alright. Today’s a short one.

Trade Safe!

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