FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has strengthen ahead of the Wall Street opening bell and launches another assault to 1.3270 resistance level,after having bounced at support at 1.3200; 1.3270 remains, so far intact, and the Euro, trading around 1.3060 is well overbought in hourly charts .

In case of a sustained move above 1.3270,next resistance level could stand at 1.3295 (Apr 15 hifh) and 1.3340 (Apr 9 high). On the downside, support levels stand at 1.3200 and below there, 1.3160 (Apr 23 high) and today's low at 1.3115.

The Mataf.com technical team observes bullish pressure on the Euro: The volatility is high. Bollinger bands are parallel and form the trend. ForexTrend 1H (Mataf Trend Indicator) is in a bullish configuration. 1H, 4H ForexSto (Modified Stochastic) indicate a bullish pressure on EUR USD. The price should find a resistance below 1,3270 (31 pips). The price should consolidate.

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