FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has reached on Early European session, an intra-day high at 1.3308 although the pair has dropped afterwards to levels below 1.3300.

According to Tim Salem, collaborator FXstreet.com, 1.3266 is a key level for the Euro: Consolidation has Price at the Daily Pivot Level of 1.3266 bolstered dynamically by the Hourly 20SMA @ 1.3244. Continuation looks to Daily Static Resistance at the 1.3300 Figure, followed by Dynamic Resistance at 1.3342 followed by the Hourly Double-Top at the 1.3370's Area. Clearance sees the 1.3400 Handle of Static Resistance.

On the downside, Salem foresees: Clearance sees the 1.3400 Handle of Static Resistance. A Failure to maintain the Pivot finds Neutral Momentum leaning through 1.3183 Dynamic Support followed statically by 1.3148 back into Prior Congestion, where Bias meets Confluence of Static 1.3110 Support and the Hourly 200SMA Area. Further Depreciation sees the Double-Bottom Area of the 1.300 .

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