FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro continues trading within a range going from 1.3220 support to 1.3300 on the upside, failure to break above 1.3300 on early European session has driven the Euro to 1.3225 before bouncing back to levels around 1.3280.

Tim Salem, collaborator at FXstreet.com has forecasted that the Euro would pivot around 1.3266 for the whole day: Consolidation has Price at the Daily Pivot Level of 1.3266 bolstered dynamically by the Hourly 20SMA at 1.3244. Continuation looks to Daily Static Resistance at the 1.3300 Figure, followed by Dynamic Resistance at 1.3342 followed by the Hourly Double-Top at the 1.3370's Area.

Resistance levels stand at 1.3300 and above there, 13325/30 and 1.3385 (Apr 30 high). On the downside, next support lies at 1.3210/20 and below there 1.3190 (Apr 30 low) and 1.3160/65.

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