FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has moved in a range from minimum levels at 1.2690/1.2700 to session high at 1.2760, a resistance level that has proved to strong so far, at the moment of writing, the European currency moves ¡halfway into the aforementioned range.

The Euro has found support at 1.2690 on its decline after rejection of 1.29 resistance level on Wednesday. A move above 1.2760 resistance level would indicate that a intraday low has formed at 1.2680, and the Europeasn currency could attempt to jump over 1.2800/1.2815.

On the downside, sustained decline below 1.2660 could open the doors for a1.2565,(Feb 20 low), and below there 1.2510/25 (Feb 18 low).