EUR/USD (1.5992)

European & US sessions forecast levels: 1.5930/1.6090

Trend Sessions: European: Neutral/Upward

US: Neutral/Upward

Market Focus: 2:45 AM French Consumer Spending, 3:30 AM German Services PMI, German Manufacturing PMI, 4:00 AM Italian Retail Sales, EU Services PMI, EU Manufacturing PMI, 5:00 AM EU Industrial New Orders.

Daily Strategy: The dollar for first time breaks the psychological level above 1.60 against the euro. We are predicting such attack and set new target to reach of 1.62 within two weeks time. The traders buy euros in expectations for levels of 1.65 during May and June. The last record of EUR/USD is at 1.6019 and seems that will be break with new record again. The trading strategy is to open long positions, as buy on dips. The time for profit taken is earlier and is expecting new attack today.