The EURUSD had a significant bearish momentum yesterday, bottomed at 1.4807 but failed to stay below key support area 1.4820, closed higher at 1.4860 and traded around 1.4887 at the time I wrote this comment. As you can see in my daily chart below, it’s a fact that after peaked at double top formation around 1.5062 area the pair keep moving lower in a bearish channel indicating significant downside correction and even potential bearish reversal, especially if we have a consistent move below 1.4820 area with 1.4625 and 1.4450 as technical targets.

Right now, after failed to stay below 1.4820 yesterday, the pair bouncing to the upside with 1.4950 as potential resistance to be tested. Break above that area should trigger further bullish momentum testing the bearish channel. Bearish correction can only be canceled if the bearish channel violated to the upside, but for me the real bullish continuation scenario can only triggered by a movement above 1.5062.