My trading plan worked fine yesterday. On h4 chart below we can see that the pair made a downside rebound, bottomed at 1.4560 (around the rising wedge lower line) before made a bullish momentum topped at 1.4685 and closed at 1.4660. If you look at the rising wedge formation now, there is only a little room left for movement and a breakout/breakdown is imminent. A breakout to the upside will cancel the bearish reversal scenario while a breakdown to the downside should be seen at bearish scenario potential.

A look at daily chart below reveals that actually beside the rising wedge, we have another technical view which support the potential bearish reversal outlook, which is a CCI divergence, where price keep moving higher making new highs but CCI on the other hand is heading down. So, even the bullish momentum seems still in control right now, I will be very careful at this phase since we have two technical views that lead to potential bearish reversal (or at least a correction) scenario. Immediate support at 1.4570. Break below that area could be a valid breakdown from the rising wedge and could trigger a downside momentum. Initial resistance at 1.4719.