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Needless to say, not much happened on yesterday, as liquidity in equities was pretty low but price remained into the positive territory. The euro found bids on last minor retracement to $1.4940 and the $1.5000 handle is under renewed pressure, but the euro has yet to overcome the 1.5000-1.5060 resistance layer and a break above this region would be a significant bullish sign - opening $1.55. On the lower side, extended pullbacks may face solid resistance into the 1.4850 region - the said support corresponding to 1075 in S&P500. Short-term sentiment is bullish while intra-day studies are mixed due to the ongoing consolidation. Current quote is 1.4975 @06:50 GMT

Support: 1.4940/50, 1.4900 and 1.4850
Resistance: 1.5020, 1.5050/60, 1.5100/15 and 1.5150


EURUSD 4hrs chart 11-11-2009


S&P500 hourly chart 11-11-2009


Gold hourly chart 11-11-2009


Support on the 1.6600 handle has been challenged on yesterday as the Fitch agency said that the UK economy was at risk of losing its AAA rating. The dip has been short-lived and buyers re-newed their positions so cable recovered by rallying back into the $1.67 territory. Short-term sentiment is bullish and first intra-day support is emerging around 1.6650 - formed by a rising trend-line coming from 1.6465 of November 5th. On the upside - first intra-day barrier is seen at 1.4745/50, formed by yesterday's close. A breach above 1.4750 would signal uptrend continuation. Current quote is 1.6732 @06:50 GMT

Support: 1.6650, 1.6600, 1.6500 and 1.6400
Resistance: 1.6750, 1.6800/30 and 1.6900


GBPUSD hourly chart 11-11-2009

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