Short-term trend: decline

R4: 1.53 bottom of consolidation
R3: 1.50 psychological
R2: 1.48 top
R1: 1.46 low, consolidation
S1: 1.43 tops
S2: 1.40 psychological, consolidations
S3: 1.37 tops

- Dollar returned closer to 1.43 level.
- MACD is rising. It is below zero level.
- ROC20 is in rising trend and is testing zero level. ROC60 has remained in declining trend below zero level.
- RSI is wavering around neutral level.
- Return to 1.43 level/200-day moving average may lead to consolidation in 1.43 – 1.46 range. Likelihood of successful testing of 1.43 level is low (rising ROC20).