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Good day to all.

It is FRIDAY!!!

Have you cashed out your pips for the drinks?

I hope you did that instead of forgoing the drinks to top up that margin account ya? ;)


Going where no one has gone before since 2008, the currency pair made a high of 1.5060 today!


Our friend the S&P 500 seems rather emotional these days, bouncing between the two even lines like a pinball machine!

Hanging around the support line of 1080. Lets see if it closes below it.

Being profit taking friday, ( hey the folks need cash to buy the beer right? ) we may dip below.

If it doesn’t, i may be more inclined towards a bullish view.

Gold is around $1055. Although i am not posting a chart here, it looks somewhat like the S&P500, ranging.

Oil hits it head around $80 and is now resting at $78+.


I noticed something.

S&P 500 and Gold are no longer trending up like there wasn’t any recession to begin with.

If this ranging mambo jumbo continues, we may get the EUR/USD to join in the party too.

Maintain eye contact on your oil chart. If it joins this party too, it is highly likely the currency pair pops by the club.

The bulls are having difficulty pushing up to 1.5088 today, and will definitely need to take that down next Monday to be in business.

Bearish momentum counts on 1.5000 to be conquered.


Hey it is the weekends and i finally can get some rest. But you are never far from my thoughts!

I intent to do up another US Dollar article. Got to do some research on that first.

Wedding dinner on Saturday as spoken. There goes some pips.

Lastly, i need to practice my BattleForge.

Try to lock in your greens and have a good friday ok?

Trade safe my friends!

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