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A very good day to all.

We ALMOST touch 1.5000.

1.4994 was the highest that it reached. So much for those who were eying on the prize!


What are the 2 main points that we can gather from this chart?

1) 1.4967 is a very special line as the highest prices of various days falls around there.

2) Although we had crazy dips, we can generalize that the highs are getting higher while lows, higher!


Pretty much expected, our friend the S&P 500 fell back a little upon reaching the 1100 mark.

Possibly due to the less than expected housing starts in the US.

Earlier reports of better than expected earnings for a few companies were overshadowed and this goes to show how selective sentiments can be.

Gold has shown that it is no push over. Currently trading around $1060.

Oil is currently at $77. Many folks are eying on $80.


Remember days ago when we neared 1.5? I said that it will probably be a bumpy and long ride as there are many short orders littered around the region.

These are like mines in the battlefield and every time the bulls take casualty, the price retreats a bit.

I have been reading the news reports of the EU finance ministers, ECB Trichet etc repeatedly talking about a need of a strong dollar.

While this is usual, what strike me as interesting was the apparent lack of reaction from the markets.

Perhaps the apparent lack of actions supporting the words has produced “The Boy who cried Wolf” effect.

I will explore this over at the US Dollar section this weekend.

A bullish campaign will need to take over the resistance lines of 1.4951 and 1.4967.

A point to note is that what brought us this close earlier was the Koalas and Sushi boys and hence things may start after London closes.

But who knows. This is forex! Where 95% of the traders are wrong :)

Any notable bearish achievement will have 1.4910 subdued.


Forex was one of the best thing to happen to my life. I learned many life values through it. Greediness is bad. Planning is crucial. Saving up for rainy days is important ( money management ). The list goes on!

It also brought me to many wonderful buddies that i made over at the forums. Folks, you know who you are and i thank you for your belief in me! Lets hope that we can make it happen !

BattleForge is driving me C R A Z Y. I hate it when i thought i am winning and this guy whips out some exotic unit from some exotic card and possibly bought with quite a few pips.

At least 5 of my units ( these cheap cards are probably nano lot sized pips in value ) are needed to destroy 1. )

In view of this, EUR/USD can you quickly please hit 1.5000 so that i can be a show off that i am right and also for me to cash out. With the $$$ of course i gonna buy some BattleForge cards!

Just you wait!

Trade safe ok?

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