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The EUR/USD chart in the 1H time-frame shows a market with persistent bearish momentum. The RSI reading has held below 60 and has been able to tag 30. Price action continues to make lower highs and lows. The 5/9 European session saw equities fall, and Spanish yields surged, with 10-year notes pushing above 6.00% see in the daily time-frame below. This represents risk aversion and reflects the markets weighing on the euro.


Source: Bloomberg 9:05AM EDT

EUR/USD 1H chart 5/9/20129:25AM EDT


Combined with the uncertainty of the Greek election and the relationship of the newly elected French president Hollande with German chancellor Merkel, these factors provided for the EUR/USD to hold below 1.30, and to break below 1.2950 heading into the 5/9 US session. The RSI reading in the 1H chart continues to reflect persistent bearish momentum.


The daily chart shows the next pivot being around 1.2870. This area was support  on 12/29, then resistance 1/13, and support again 1/20 and 1/23. With consideration of a bearish market development, any bullish outlook from this pivot should be limited to 1.30. If the market indeed holds below 1.30, our bearish outlook might not be over. The 1.2625-1.2670 2012 lows could be in sight.

There will be a meeting between Hollande and Merkel tomorrow. Hollande is a leftist and expected to fight the German-lead austerity measures, where Sarkozy (ex-French president) was more agreeable with Merkel. If the market sees their differences being another barrier to solving the Eurozone debt crisis, the EUR/USD can open up 1.2625-1.2670 without significant correction from the 1.2870 pivot.

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