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Sh?ry?-ken !!!

Good day to you where ever you are.

I am a little emotionally disturbed today so i will try my best to control myself!

Before i begin, are you ready? *HORNS *DRUM ROLLS *TEARS OF JOY!!!!

The EUR/USD hit 1.5.


1.5000 is a MAJOR psychological barrier and hitting this also means that a flood of take profits and short orders were activated.


Our buddy, the S&P 500 made a new high too. Peaking above 1100, looking for greener pasture.

Gold hangs on around $1060 while Oil dances around $78.


Now repeat after me 3 times.

I love it when a plan works.

I love it when a plan works.

I love it when a plan works.

If you have been following my views, ( sorry you have to put up with my emotional madness at times ) you will know that i take the S&P 500 seriously as a clue.

Day by day i watch it go up. Giving me no reason to short the EUR/USD.

I waited and waited and the day came.

CALM DOWN. Having crossed 1.5 does not give us the green light to risk 99% of our accounts on longs.

T R A D E S A F E control your emotions.. breath in out in out .. yah

Crossing 1.5 simply means that the mountain of orders stacked are cleared and we can consider higher possibilities.

Same for the S&P 500 too. 1100 simply opens up 1120. No guarantees no reasons to risk more than necessary.

Bullish domination may bring us to 1.5088. This is a previous high of Aug 11 2008. It happened after a “gap” down over the weekend and was a push up in vain.

Should the Bears mount an attack, we may dip below 1.5000 again and head towards 1.4967 again.

Being the high number of orders and decisions around 1.5000, we may see some consolidations here.

Look towards our market cues again. Any positive move by them may spur things on.

While you are at it, i want you to think about this.

All the dollar strength statements made by officials had no apparent effect on the market so far.


Today, a part of me became empty. I won’t comment on it as i am not the gossip kinda guy.

Well all i can say, sadness and hurt fills me up!

But Hey, this section of my article is definitely not the take pity on geek section right?

I want to take this opportunity to thank you the reader for .. you guess it right!

Reading :)

( also special mention to a number of special buddies at a once special place for being there for me. You guys ROCK! )

I AM ASSUMING THAT IF .. A BIG IF if you want to thank me, do so by sharing about my blog to as many of your pals as possible! Twitter me.. email about me.. Link to me in your webby toos. Heck! Spam bout me.. OH NO .. thats a joke dont get me into trouble ok? I have more than my hands full on this. Forget the spamming.

My aim for this blog has always been to share to as many folks as possible about forex and having safe trading as a central theme. I do not wish for anyone to suffer the margin calls, confusions and horrors i did when i first started.

Sounds too good to be true? Well its true!! Consider me a knight in shining white ok maybe gold armor ( considering that it is now $1060 ) :P

This IS the reason why i want to share to as many as possible. Honest.

Alrighty Trade Safe!! I need to sleep early tonight.. i did not sleep well last night and i am on the verge of getting the flu. bummer.

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