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A wild ride down the river eh?

Before i carry on, i will like to say my favorite phrase!


ok. Good morning all!


Remember i said that 1.4719 is a strong line. To those following me on twitter, i even took the effort to spend a few cents to tweet via mobile to remind.

Bam! Look at the two candles. No photoshop there alright.


Remember i said that S&P 500 should get some support at 1040?

DOUBLE BAM! i like it when my plan goes well! X2

Ok let me calm down. Forgive me. This is healing for me after being sold out by the big boys of the market the other day.

Oil is experiencing a boost, currently at $77+.

Likewise for gold, currently at $1038+.

Alright i guess Goldilocks no longer have her three bears eh?


The US Advance GDP came in higher than expected. 3.5%.

The market is taking this very well and chooses to ignore the increased unemployment claims.

Well we all know that economics is all about consumption and trust me, a high unemployment rate is no good for consumption.

This may pose a problem in future when the market faces reality. And should it happen, remember you heard it here first! TheGeekKnows :)

I have circled the upper line on the EUR/USD chart and it is the major line 1.4800.

Bulls will need to clear this to regain momentum.

Bears will need to maul 1.4719 before any further drops.

Watch the 3 clues for .. uhmm well, clues! If they gain bullish momentum, this may suggest bullish momentum for EUR/USD too. The other direction applies.


Those close to me will know that i am very very fond of koalas!

Well i have not seen one or hug one, i simply love them. So much so that i even name my forex system after it. ( Of course i read that in real life, they can be a grumpy lot )

Once in a while i get folks calling me Geek! .. yes i know.. this is TheGeekKnows.. well if my blog was TheKoalaKnows, will you come here? You will probably think that this is a Koala Association.

So the next time you see me, say hi to me.. ” Hi Koala ! ”

If you have been following me for sometime.. you know i am going to say something…

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!! i can finally practice more BattleForge over the weekend.. ( actually i usually end up reading forex articles. no wonder my pvp win rate is like 1 out of 10 )

Trade safe!!!

(p/s as of writing , the currency pair is at 1.4817.. just be careful that it may head back to 1.4800 if not, 1.4843+ may be next )

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