Simultaneous Release at

Good day.

On an usual Friday, happens usual profit taking.


Looking at the charts, lines of 1.4843 and 1.4967 have been playing pivotal roles.


As i mentioned the in previous article, 1080 and 1100 may act as a lower and upper boundary respectively and indeed seems so today.

Oil remains at $75+, the top of the current range while gold is taking a breather at $1050+.


Many traders feel that the current correction seen across all is simply profit taking.

Well, i guess someone needs to pay for the weekend drinks right ;)

If this is indeed true, Monday may result in the resumption of the current trend.

Personally, i always watch the equities for signs of a sentiment breakdown as a clue.

Bullish momentum will need to regain 1.4910 while further bearish attacks may need to overcome 1.4865 first.


The weekends are finally here!

Besides the usual stuff i do, i intend to add a new segment to the blog.

Stay tuned ok?

My eyes are very tired now. Therefore no BattleForge for me tonight.

Trade safe.

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