EUR/USD 1.3976 - 10 July

EUR/USD Open 1.4023 High 1.4074 Low 1.3857 Close 1.4018

Euro/Dollar increased significantly on Thursday with over 200 pips, reaching a top at 1.4074, but further upwards movement was limited and the currency couple closed the day lower at 1.4018. On the 1 hour chart is seen that the currency couple made unsuccessful efforts to break above the 1.4080 resistance level. Signals are ascending in the short term with possible retest of 1.4080, but remain neutral in the medium term. Only a clear break above 1.4080 would confirm eventual upward perspectives. The nearest support is represented by yesterday's bottom 1.3855 level. The CCI indicator is in the neutral zone on the 1 hour chart, indicating calm trading.

Technical resistance levels: 1.4080 1.4200 1.4325

Technical support levels: 1.3855 1.3730 1.3600

Trading range: 1.3965 - 1.4030

Trend: Upward

Buy at 1.3976 SL 1.3946 TP 1.4016

Yesterday we made +26 pips profit on EUR/USD from the following signal:

7:17 GMT+1 Sell EUR/USD at 1.3936 SL 1.3962 TP 1.3886 exited at 8:14 GMT

Total yesterday +131, as shown at