EUR/USD 1.3424 - 12 January

EUR/USD Open 1.3419 High 1.3787 Low 1.3541 Close 1.3466

Euro/Dollar dropped on Friday, despite the bad U.S. unemploiment figures. The currency couple reached a peak at 1.3719, than a bottom at 1.3421, and closed at 1.3466. Although technical upward momentum appears strong enough at the moment, in the long term we can not say that the bearish scenario have ended, while the pair remaines above 1.3850. The first support level is 1.3370. The CCI indicator is in the overbought zone and downwards toward the 100 line on the four hour chart, indicating potential decreasing pressure.

Technical resistance levels: 1.3480 1.3565 1.3720

Technical support levels: 1.3370 1.3250 1.3145

Trading range: 1.3435 - 1.3370

Trend: Downward

Sell at 1.3424 SL 1.3454 TP 1.3384

On Friday we made +50 pips profit on EUR/USD from the following signal:

5:48 GMT Buy EUR/USD at 1.3652 SL 1.3626 TP 1.3702 reached at 7:27 GMT

Total on Friday +168, as shown at