EUR/USD 1.3336 - 14 April

EUR/USD Open 1.3372 High 1.3390 Low 1.3129 Close 1.3367

In March Euro/Dollar sharply rose and tested the resistance at 1.3725, but the currency couple could not hold above it. Last week the European currency sharply dropped. On the weekly chart the currency pair formed divergence, but but could not develop growth on the border of the decreasing trend at 1.3780. On the daily chart the upward movement of the Euro was limited, and further falling is not excluded. Yesterday the Euro renewed its upward trend, climbing with more than 250 pips. Strengthening above 1.3350 will signal for growth of the European currency. Drop under 1.3140 will form signals for further reduction. The CCI indicator has just crossed up the 100 line, indicating for potential upwards pressure.

Technical resistance levels: 1.3370 1.3465 1.3590

Technical support levels: 1.3185 1.3070 1.2955

Trading range: 1.3325 - 1.3390

Trend: Upward

Buy at 1.3336 SL 1.3306 TP 1.3376

Yesterday we made +47 pips profit on EUR/USD from the following signal:

5:55 GMT+1 Buy EUR/USD at 1.3169 SL 1.3143 TP 1.3219 exited at 9:11 GMT

Total yesterday +178, as shown at