EUR/USD 1.2583 - 19 February

EUR/USD Open 1.2562 High 1.2633 Low 1.2517 Close 1.2530

After Euro/Dollar broke out of the trianglular formation downwards, and went under 1.2560 support, yesterday the currency couple made a significant reduction. On the 1 hour chart, we can see a good example of how a break out of the triangle with combination and the passage of the CCI indicator give us a valid descending signal. Short signals are descending with objectives towards the region of 1.2460 and 1.2360. The CCI indicator went up the 100 line on the 1 hour chart, which may be a warning for a potential ascending rebound with testing of the 1.2650 resistance level.

Technical resistance levels: 1.2650 1. 2755 1.2865

Technical support levels: 1.2460 1.2360 1.2245

Trading range: 1.2595 - 1.2530

Trend: Downward

Sell at 1.2583 SL 1.2613 TP 1.2543

Yesterday we made +20 pips profit on EUR/USD from the following signal:

6:23 GMT Sell EUR/USD at 1.2623 SL 1.2649 TP 1.2573 exited at 6:26 GMT

Total yesterday +89, as shown at