We are right again on EUR/USD!

EURUSD Analysis Recap:

Few weeks ago we analysed EURUSD and suggested that 1.3000 to 1.3300 will be a key resistance level / reversal level, it proved to be exactly right.

We suggested 1.3303 as target after the upside breach of 1.3100 level, which has made 200 pips by our suggestion to go long after 1.3100 and we also mentioned 1.3303 to cap EURUSD from any further move to the upside. EURUSD made a high of 1.3333 and reversed off.




We recommended to be conservative going long above 1.3100 targeting 1.3303 and we gave a caution of uptrend to end, which is proven right.

After this pair failed to sustain above 1.3300 and fell back , we suggested to go short if pair bounces to 1.3220 - 1.3250 level , which it did and continued falling down like a rock, which indeed gave another 200 pips and more...

On our final update last week we recommended to go short at 1.2910 targeting 1.2750, which was achieved successfully. We said that EURUSD will find its stability around 1.2750 to 1.2775 region, which is also right on spot. Which again made another 150 pips.

From the beginning of July when we started posting our analysis, every analysis went exactly as we spotted and all projected price targets were achieved .

Our Weekly and Daily Analysis were right on spot. We request you to go through all our previous Daily and Weekly Analysis to check out how they went. We always strive for excellence to give our followers the best information with accurate and precise analysis.

Anyone who had followed our analysis must have been in the right side of the market and must have made good number of pips into their account and their confidence on each trade must have been increased by understanding the price behavior in advance.

Look at the Images on the top right to see how market did according to our suggestions.

Click on the links below to see our analysis.

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We hope everyone who followed our analysis made good number of pips and helped in improving your trading.

We wish everyone Happy Trading :)

TopPips Team.