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Hello, this is a surprise attack by the geek!

Did i catch you at your BBQ? :p

I was doing my weekend overtime research on the EUR/USD and i noticed something peculiar.

So much so that i would like to take this opportunity to share with you my beloved Koalas.


Take a look at my circled candles.

These are Fridays.

Crazy Fridays, Stop Loss Fridays, TAKE PROFIT Fridays!

So for the past 3 weeks, Fridays were red due to closing of positions.

What is worth noting is what happens after the weekend.

The last 2 weeks resulted in Mondays being green!

This may suggest that demand for EUR is strong as after the traders exit their positions on Friday, new traders arrive to fill that void on Monday.

Be a look out for a possible bullish Monday.

But as we know of Forex, nothing is 100% confirmed. Do your risk calculation well.


Alright, there you go. A surprise article from the Geek on a nice warm weekend. ( warm for me at least )

I am off to read up on the US Dollar for an article.

Oh, i bought a new game. ARMA2. I love military sims. Flying via choppers, riding in an apc.


( That is if i can find time to play lol . Most of my time are spent with you :) )

Hope your weekend is turning out well.

Trade Safe !!!!!

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