Incorporated in 2006, EV Innovations (EVII.OB) has grown to become a recognizable name in the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and related products. The company’s lithium-powered vehicles and products have the potential to power anything from scooters to cars and homes, eliminating emissions without sacrificing efficiency and quality.

Lately the company’s line of EVs has been featured in various articles and tradeshows, as well as on national television. Last month EVII announced an addition to its WAVE line of EVs: WAVE-TRX, the “first of its kind” emission-free pickup truck.

Since battery-powered vehicles do not require oil or filter changes or tuning services, the vehicles are growing in popularity, not only as an environmentally friendly transportation alternative, but also as a cost-saving measure. With fewer than 1/10th as many parts as a gasoline-powered vehicle, drivers don’t have to worry about the maintenance of engines, transmissions, spark plugs, valves, fuel tanks, tailpipes, distributors, starters, clutches, muffler or catalytic converters – the cars don’t have them!

Not only is the company rolling out impressive sleek EVs, it is also constructing a prototype for its Hybrid Living Home near Calgary, Alberta, set for completion later this year. EVII is working with several established partners to create an energy efficient, modern “smart home” that allows for the monitoring of energy use, reduction of energy waste, solar and wind energy applications, as well as allergen-free air systems.

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