EV Innovations Inc., a 21st Century Design & Engineering of emission-free automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium battery technology, congratulated GM this morning for being the second company to break the Triple Mileage Barrier.

The company’s chief engineer, Ron Cerven, commented, “It is great to see a big player like GM following in our footsteps and breaking the Triple Mileage Barrier.”

According to the press release, EV Innovations was first company to surpass 100 MPG when on June 17th, the 2010 LiV Wise achieved 211 miles on one single charge. EVII’s Director of Government Sales, Holly J. Armstrong, stated that she is “certain that having a production Plug In EV that gets over 200 actual driving miles on a single charge, has to be the reason why EV Innovations is the current sole bidder on the upcoming 2010-2015 Government contracts for electric vehicles.”

EV Innovations aims to continue leading the industry in both technology and business modeling. In some ways, the company’s LiV Wise is the only NHTSA compliant, highway capable sedan available for purchase or lease on Federal, State and Local levels. EV Innovations is currently organizing for maximum production as it anticipates over 10,000 LiV Wise models will be purchased or leased by various government agencies.

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