Perhaps one of the most overlooked electric car companies is EV Innovations, Inc. With offices in North Carolina and Las Vegas, EV has begun to develop a global presence within the ever-growing Green Technology World which is vastly becoming a new trend in the 21st Century. In an attempt to take the next step in the marketplace, EV has developed the conversion of a 12,000 GVWR cab and Chasis truck to all electric lithium-ion.

This fully electric truck can be used not only for everyday purposes, such as deliveries, load hauling and flat bed towing, but it has been designed to be economical and green friendly. With an estimated 50,000 mile drive train service interval, the low cost of operation and maintenance put this category in a class by itself and should prove beneficial to everyday drivers and environmentalists.

Currently, EV Innovations is trading in the $1.20 range. If you review this stock or go to the company website at:, you will see that while the electric truck is the display model of the company, there are many other exciting vehicles EV has in development and it appears as if the young company will soon be incorporating partners to help finance future products.

For EV Innovations stock to be this affordable and have much potential to attract institutional investors and friends of the environment alike, it is the type of company that every investor dreams of adding to their portfolio before everyone else in the marketplace takes hold. In the future, EV Innovations may grow into a household name.

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