EV Innovations Inc. (EVII.OB) develops and markets electric powered vehicles and products throughout the United States. The company’s portable battery power pack technology and conversion systems can be used in a variety of vehicles, including ATVs, electric bikes and electric scooters.

EVII’s electric vehicles are not only gaining recognition by environmental enthusiasts and auto lovers, but from journalists as well. At the recent New York International Auto Show, Marketwatch reporter Steve Gelsi interviewed EVII executives and showcased the company’s sleek and futuristic electric vehicles in a short video.

Commenting on the company’s planned vehicle production, Mike Cerven, director of sales for EVII, said the company will ramp up the roll-out as it completes its first round of goals.

“Our first year’s anticipation is around 600. Once we get that full facility set up, then 1800, then going on from there, we have hopes of creating 1,000 jobs,” Cerven stated in the interview with Gelsi.

Getting more zero-emission vehicles on the road and more people into jobs in such a competitive and bleak employment environment is noteworthy goal – and it’s one that may be fairly easily met due to the price tag of EVII’s vehicles. Its Wave three-wheeler seats two passengers and runs for about $35,000, much lower than might be expected for an all electric vehicle.

On the other end of the spectrum, EVII also manufactures the Inizio sports car, which hits 170 miles per hour and is to be priced in six figures.

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