EV Innovations, Inc., provider of all-electric vehicles and conversions, is in an enviable position. It sells a product with so many things going for it that it’s hard to know which ones to focus on. And all of these advantages seem to become more and more pertinent with each passing day.

Through its use of high energy density lithium-ion batteries, the company offers a growing number of electric car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive a full range of vehicles, from high-performance sports cars to motor bikes. And no matter what your preferred style, you can still enjoy the unique benefits of all-electric driving.

One of the key factors when considering electric transportation is the particular technology used, and that’s an area where EV stands out. The use of high-tech lithium-ion energy storage has brought the battery back to the forefront in the ongoing race to advance the electric car. In spite of all the talk about the use of hydrogen fuel cells (HFC), the new battery electric vehicles (BEV) are revealing several major advantages:

• HFCs require electricity to compress the hydrogen, consuming 4 times more electricity per mile compared to a similarly sized BEV.
• HFCs emit over 12 Kg of the greenhouse gas CO2 per Kg of hydrogen produced.
• Pound per pound, BEVs have a driving range twice that of HFC powered vehicles.
• HFC vehicles are more complex than BEVs, with greater potential maintenance.
• BEV fueling is simpler, requiring only a plug-in. (And power can also be supplied from solar or other sources.)
• Hydrogen fuel tank safety concerns don’t exist with BEV technology.

In addition, there are a number of other reasons that plug-in BEV technology is advantageous, providing unique security and cost advantages. But we’ll discuss those advantages in a separate article.

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