EV Innovations Inc., an innovative world leader in the development of emission-free propulsion systems using the latest lithium battery technology, will be introducing its latest revolutionary 21st Century Design & Engineered Vehicles at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.

EVI Innovations’ new 10 WAVE has been positioned as the tsunami of advanced electric vehicle design. The cutting-edge vehicle is anticipated to capture attendees’ attention with elaborate safety and performance enhancements, which was strongly emphasized during development.

The chassis and body of the WAVE consist of a steel safety cage paired with a composite exoskeleton that adds additional structure and safety to the vehicle’s original design. The exoskeleton was specifically designed to transfer impact energy over and under the passenger compartment, adding to the safety design of the Wave vehicle platform. The WAVE is now available for purchase with a starting price of $34,900.

EV Innovations’ INIZIO EVS sports car will also be showcased at the international show in New York. With top speeds reaching 170 mph, 0-60 acceleration of about 4 seconds and drive ranges up to 200 miles, this breathtaking vehicle will be turning heads. Dynamic videos of both the WAVE and INIZIO super car are available at http://www.evinnovations.com

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