EV Innovations, Inc. is an active player in the field of alternative fuel products, focused on marketing all sorts of lithium-powered products for consumers and business. The company has successfully converted numerous products into zero-emissions, lithium-powered vehicles and facilities including: cars, motorcycles, mopeds, work vehicles and homes. Perhaps the company’s most well-known products are their INIZIO-EVS super car and their line of WAVE vehicles. These vehicles have made quite a splash recently in many major media outlets.

EV Innovations WAVE vehicles, as displayed at the New York International Auto Show, have a unique aerodynamic design and high performance expectations. Due to the very positive response to the WAVE vehicles, the company has decided to expand their line and offer an all-electric truck, the WAVE-TRX.

EV Innovations also has a number of LiV (lithium vehicles) cars: LiV Dash, LiV Wise, LiV Surge, and LiV Flash. All of these vehicles, using the company’s lithium battery, can reach speeds in excess of 80 mph and have a range of 120 miles. The cycle life of the batteries is over 2,500 charges. The batteries can be re-charged usually in 6 hours from various power sources.

EV Innovations also offers other innovative products. The company has the LiV Ryder and E-Cobra motorcycles, the LiV Cruz moped, and the LiV Bulldog, which is a work or recreational vehicle for farm, ranch or country roads. The 4-weel drive Bulldog has room for two, plus cargo.

The company has also come up with the Hybrid Living Home which combines all of the latest alternative and renewable energy features with recent advances in Smart Home technologies. As an emerging leader in lithium-powered products, EV Innovations stands to benefit from the rising demand for environmentally-friendly, fuel-efficient products.

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