EV Innovations Inc. develops and markets full-size electric vehicles and portable battery power pack technology applicable to ATVs, electric bikes and scooters. The company recently attended the New York International Auto Show, showcasing its WAVE electric vehicle and INIZIO super car.

The WAVE was met with positive feedback and recognition, which spurred the company to accelerate the development of its WAVE-S4, a four-seat electric vehicle that can cover 180 miles on a single charge, hitting more than 80 miles per hour. What’s not to like about any fully electric car under $40,000?

EV Innovations’ cars are more than meets the eye, which says a lot considering their sleek, futuristic, but sporty look. Of course it’s what’s under the hood that made spectators of the recent auto show contribute such positive feedback.

The cars are powered with advanced drive system technology components, making the system adaptable to a variety of applications. EV Innovations claims its position as a “concept and brand development corporation in the field of alternative fuel automobiles, motorcycles, scooter bicycles and alternative-fuel products.”

As the green wave gains speed, anything that reduces our impact on the planet deserves a deeper look. Electric vehicles produce less than 98 percent emissions than gasoline-powered cars, and as the company explains on its website, the at-home electricity cost to power the vehicles is still less than is traditionally spent on fuel costs.

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