EV Innovations, Inc., the electric car maker that received so much attention at the recent New York International Auto Show, is already expanding their WAVE family of vehicles to include a sleek new pickup truck version. It’s called the WAVE-TRX and is expected to follow the same footprint as EV’s popular WAVE car that caused such a stir in New York. The truck version adds a cargo carrying back end, but retains the aerodynamic styling, eco-friendly qualities, and low price that made the car version such a hit.

Some electric car makers have offered high end vehicles, but with price tags catering primarily to wealthy car hobbyists wanting to make an environmental statement. Others have done little more than add a shell to a golf cart in an attempt to keep the price down. But in New York, EVI surprised everyone with its WAVE line of all-electric cars, having the great features people want in a full size electric car, including a 170 mile range and speeds up to 80 mph, but at a price starting at a very affordable $34,900. For the first time, the public was seeing an all-electric vehicle they could live with and afford.

The WAVE, like all of EVI’s vehicles, is based upon the innovative use of lithium-ion battery technology, the most effective way to store electricity at a reasonable price. The batteries are charged simply by plugging the car in for a few hours or overnight for a full charge. The 170 mile range WAVE meets the daily driving needs of nearly everyone on the road today, and, unlike hybrids and gasoline cars, the WAVE is virtually maintenance free.

Electric cars are rapidly becoming the focal point of the environmental movement and governments around the world. After all, even considering power plant emissions, electric cars result in 98% less pollution than gas powered cars. And since most electric cars will be recharged at night, trading in gas for electric will not require the building of more power plants.

As the all-electric movement continues to gain momentum, EVI is expected to build on their initial offerings, and the WAVE-TRX clearly shows the creative lengths to which EVI is willing to go to meet public demand.

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