EV Innovations, Inc. gives drivers all over America the opportunity to enjoy driving electric vehicles of every shape and size. But it also offers the country something far more important: a realistic answer to our energy and pollution problems, with multiple benefits over other proposed solutions.

It does this through the application of advanced lithium ion battery technology to the electric car, making plug-in all-electric vehicles more advantageous than ever before. With one look at the facts behind the technology, it becomes clear that the future transportation needs of the world will be met in part with electricity.

• Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are by far the most efficient vehicles in the world, including the heavily promoted hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
• Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, all electric plug-in vehicles produce 98% fewer pollutants than gas cars, largely because only about 4 percent of electricity generation is produced from oil.
• According to the U.S. Department Of Energy, enough excess generating capacity exists at night to charge 180 million such vehicles, without adding any new capacity. (In fact, it is estimated that people waste more electricity in their homes than would be needed to power their electric cars.)
• Almost all generated electricity is domestic, with a small percentage produced in Canada. There is no need for a war to be fought over electricity.
• Plug-in cars capable of only 50 miles per day, already surpassed by EVI, would meet the needs of 80% of the American driving public, and the company is looking at battery technology that could provide up to several times that without having to add a lot of weight in additional batteries.

It’s hard to imagine a more compelling argument for EV Innovation’s products: Removing the majority of pollution from the air, including greenhouse gases, while eliminating our dependence on foreign oil, and all without having to build any new production or distribution facilities.

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