EV Innovations, Inc., encouraged by the overwhelming amount of recognition received at the recent New York International Auto Show, is aggressively seeking distributors around the country for its line of electric vehicles. The show prompted EVI to kick off a nationwide television campaign, expected to total over 30,000 television spots. But all the exposure has made it imperative to ramp up the drive for distributors.

EVI is now certainly one of the most visible companies offering electric cars, with a full range of lithium ion powered vehicles and conversions, in addition to electric motorcycles, mopeds, and even a recreational sports vehicle. The company is also completing a prototype alternative energy home near Calgary, showcasing some of the most advanced environmental technologies.

With the government, and just about everyone else, taking the most serious look ever at replacing gas driven cars with zero emission all-electric vehicles, there’s a growing demand that is not yet being addressed. The argument for electric cars grows stronger every day. Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, electric vehicles still produce 98% fewer pollutants than gas cars. And, because plug-ins are usually recharged at night, virtually all existing gas guzzlers could be replaced with electric cars without building a single new power plant or transmission line.

As the movement grows, EVI intends to be first in line with products that the buying public can truly feel comfortable with. These aren’t just glamorized golf carts. EVI is putting together some of the hottest looking wheels on the road and, with the introduction of their new Wave vehicle, pricing is looking attractive to a wider range of buyers than ever before.

So the need for a national distribution and support network has become increasingly important. EVI is the only company in the world making this technology available to the general public. As a result, their licensees are able to offer the technology with essentially no competition. They have a complete training and support program, including equipment packages, documentation, and marketing.

More importantly, however, is the fact that all of this represents a major technological shift, and therefore a major opportunity. With EVI, it’s not just a new company, it’s a new industry.

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