EV Innovations Inc., an inventive company offering high-end, high power sports vehicles as well as practical and more affordable lithium powered transportation, has received extensive media coverage as it showcased two distinctly different plug in electric vehicles at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.

EV Innovations captivated the attention of the Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Popular Mechanics, The New York Times, Motor Trend, Car And Driver, CBS and others. The company was applauded by The New York Times as the only “splash” at this year’s show, complimenting the serving of champagne as the company celebrated the introduction of their two latest vehicles, the WAVE and INIZIO, during a press conference.

Steve Gelsi of the Wall Street Journal recognizes the challenge for manufacturers to keep costs of electric vehicles down, and reported that EV Innovations appears to be the most competitive with what is available on the market today. Popular Mechanics commented on the company’s “curvaceous plug in,” the WAVE, and said that their INIZIO EVS will be a strong contender in the $7.5 million X Prize Competition.

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