EV Innovations, Inc., the much talked about electric car maker, continues to enjoy the benefits of all the publicity received at the New York International Auto Show this spring, where the company showcased its latest 100% electric vehicles, including the new competitively priced WAVE. And if you don’t think that the show carries much weight, here’s a list of just some of the places in which the company has since been featured:

• The Wall Street Journal
• CNNMoney
• Popular Mechanics
• The New York Times
• Motor Trend
• Car And Driver

In fact, The New York Times called EVI’s introduction of its latest two vehicles at the show, the WAVE and INIZIO, as the only real “splash”. And The Wall Street Journal reported that the company appeared to be the most competitive with what is available on the market today. The Journal went on to say that the company’s INIZIO EVS should be a strong contender in the $7.5 million X Prize Competition.

Electric cars have once again captured the public’s imagination as the inherent advantages of the associated technologies become clear. EVI’s lithium-ion storage batteries continue to advance, providing greater range, less weight, and a number of other advantages over older technologies. Even the much hyped hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) approach takes a back seat to EVI, since it consumes nearly 4 times the electricity per mile as EVI’s battery electric vehicles (BEV), with over 12 kg of carbon dioxide produced for every 1 kg of hydrogen, and a driving range far less than BEVs. In addition, BEV fueling is simpler, requiring only a plug-in, and don’t carry the same safety concerns as with hydrogen fuel cells.

When a company produces what is increasingly seen as the most efficient vehicles in the world, the growing publicity is no surprise.

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