EVCARCO markets clean technologies in plug-in electric, pre-owned hybrids. The automotive retail group is a developing dealer network for eco-friendly dealerships in the United States. The company’s dealership model balances low overhead and high ROI, giving customers a choice of new or pre-owned environmentally friendly vehicles.

Dale Long, CEO of EVCARCO said the company is following “strong trends” in the automotive industry, supported by a recent JD POWER and Associates study claiming that hybrid vehicles are set to achieve record U.S. sales this year.

As part of the company’s previously stated expansion strategy, it plans on opening its first dealership in Fort Worth, Texas, meeting regional demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) that operate on methanol, ethanol, compressed gas or electricity, as well as dual-fueled vehicles that integrate conventional and alternative fuels.

With the launch of its Texas dealership, EVCARCO will coordinate with local, state and national government agencies such as the Department of Transportation and various others to maximize customer gain and interest in AFVS.

“The key to EVCARCO’s success is our ability to provide the consumer with a series of options when selecting an AFV. We anticipate that both our consumer division, our commercial division and our Government service division will all see a sharp rise in sales as we begin to offer the latest in alternative energy vehicles. The national dealership element of our corporation insures consumer confidence, lower pricing through volume and access to service and parts. In short, we are giving the consumer a real choice when it comes to purchasing their vehicle,” Long stated.