EVCARCO, the innovative automotive retail group with an emphasis on creating a US-wide dealership network for eco-friendly vehicles, announced the grand opening of its Moscow headquarters today.

This site will serve as EVCA HQ for Europe. The Russian Capital and European markets have been identified by extensive research to be an investor/customer-rich environment for electric and alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure, and EVCA corporate executives recently flew to Moscow to open the office in historic Lublinka Plaza near the heart of this largest of all European cities.

CEO of EVCA Dale Long noted the “powerhouse” status of Moscow as a financier in the emerging market/energy sectors, and how this made the opening of a “Hub in Moscow” a logical and shrewd move for the Company.

An 8.5% FQ 08 GDP, and a decade of booming economic growth, made Russia the 3rd biggest global IPO market last year, according to Reuters.

COO of EVCA Scott O’Neal was quick to point out the “keen interest” of Russian and European investment capital for energy sector and alternative energy solutions, and proudly stated that, as the Company’s original investor, he was honored to represent EVCA at the upcoming International Investor Forum in Moscow, which will be host to G8 countries’ top banking and finance institutions.

This move is in accordance with the projected growth model approved by EVCA board members, but it is occurring on an accelerated timeline after the hugely successful executive trip to Russia, which evinces the vast potential for the Company.

Texas-based EVCA has also been invited to the March 23 Private Equity and Venture Capital Forum in Moscow, where it will have an opportunity to further the Company’s agenda of building upon past successes to increase return on investment for shareholders by developing the market for some of the most advanced clean vehicle technologies in existence.