EVCARCO is one of the most interactive companies we’ve come across in awhile. The Texas based company is a pioneer in their field because they are the first automotive retail group dedicated to deploying a coast-to-coast network of eco-friendly dealerships and vehicles. Today, EVCARCO took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement they are teaming up with NASA for a series of presentations to the Federal Government.

The recently initiated series of programs by EVCARCO with NASA is aimed at the introduction of electric and alternative fuel vehicles into Federal Government fleet programs. If this venture is successful, EVCARCO could quickly become a household name and a global power.

Leading the way at EVCARCO is their CEO Dale Long whom was not only instrumental in the presentation of the AEV Program but also was the guiding force that helped EVCARCO go public in December of 2009. Long, coupled with other EVCARCO executives, presented the overall vision of the young company as well as the developed electric vehicles aimed at Federal Government applications.

As for NASA, they are working on Executive Order (EO) 12844. This EO was issued by former President Bill Clinton. It was President Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore who were the leaders and advocates in developing programs outlined in EO 12844 in an attempt to make Americans more “Green.” Today, through the efforts of EVCARCO and NASA, the dream presented from EO 12844 is turning into a reality.

When asked about the future of EVCARCO and the impact of working with NASA, Dale Long was quoted as saying, “We feel that by working with Federal Agencies such as NASA we can not only enhance our products for Government applications but we also gain significant applied science relationships. We look forward to a long relationship with NASA, and trust we can provide them with the latest in electric vehicle technology.”

Currently, EVCARCO is trading in the $0.35 range. With a deal with a power such as NASA and leaders like Dale Long at the helm, EVCARCO has the potential to evolve into a major player. To learn more about this presentation or about the company in general, visit the company website at: www.EVCARCO.com.

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