The Evermedia Group, Inc. is the parent company of two wholly owned operating companies that provide defense contracting services to the United States government, its military and federal agencies. The Company also engages in research and development activities in the emerging area of biometrics, using proprietary and patent protected iris recognition technology.

The Evermedia Group, Inc., via their subsidiary, Evermedia Biometrics Corporation, develops biometric-based identification management and authentication solutions using proprietary, patent-protected iris recognition technology. They offer biometric-based authentication and verification systems to protect personal identity.

The Company uses these processes to create physical and logical access control solutions to service the identification management and security concerns of commercial and government enterprises. Their proprietary technology is patented in the United States, China, and South Korea.

Through their subsidiary, System Technology Solutions, Inc., the Company also provides engineering, logistics, information technology, and security services to government and large commercial enterprises. They also offer technical design, program management, as well as security services worldwide. STS Evermedia Corporation has their base in San Antonio, Texas.

In September, System Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS), an Evermedia Group, Inc. company, announced that they were selected as a subcontractor on the Department of State Global Support Strategy (GSS) contract recently awarded to Stanley, Inc. Under the subcontract, STS will provide the Stanley, Inc. team with comprehensive security services, managing security installations and security guard personnel.

In October, System Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS), wholly owned subsidiary of The Evermedia Group, Inc., announced their subcontract to service Support/Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (SITE), a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) contract. Classified as top secret, STS is situated to provide DIA with wide ranging IT solutions as a subcontractor to a top 100 federal defense services provider.