Water goes Haute Couture. This year, Evian and Jean-Paul Gaultier

reunited to create five one-of-a-kind crystal bottles for the popular

water to be shown around the world and then sold at a special charity


Evian has been meeting with greats of the fashion industry to give new

looks to their product for years now, both with their prêt- à -porter

line and the Evian Haute Couture line.

Earlier this year, Jean-Paul Gaultier released his design for the

prêt-à-porter line, a sleek look with oversized, royal blue lettering

and interlocking snowflakes, denoting the water's mountainous origins.

Jean-Paul Gaultier was not the first French designer to team up with

Evian, however. Christian Lacroix also designed two bottles for the

brand: a lacy, frosted bottle and the Haute Couture version featuring a

statuesque ice queen sporting an ample alpine skirt.

The five bottles designed by Gaultier represent the quality of Evian

while featuring five of the world's biggest, busiest cities: New York,

London, Moscow, Tokyo, and Melbourne.

Gaultier's fine and exquisite design was paired with the prestigious

expertise of the House of Baccarat, where the unique bottles were

crafted by three centuries of unparalleled craftsmanship and experience

out of sparkling crystal.

Each bottle speaks directly to the inherent aesthetic in true purity

with airy crystal bubbles and sparkling delicate droplets, allowing

nothing to distract from the exquisite quality of Evian itself.

Each bottle will travel the world, seeing exhibits in prestigious

cities to showcase their quality and design, before returning to France

where they will be sold at a special charity auction raising money for

RAMSAR, a non-for-profit organization working to preserve wetlands

around the world, which Evian has been supporting for the past 10 years.

Evian has always been looking for new, luxurious ways to bring water to

your dinner table and heighten your dining experience with elegantly

presented and fashionably servable water. Now they take the next step

to bottles worthy of the catwalk, with designs by world famous French

designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.