Turtle Rock Studios, the creators and developers behind “Left 4 Dead,” released the official trailer for its upcoming hybrid multiplayer shooter titled “Evolve.”

The upcoming hybrid multiplayer shooter offers a fresh take on the shooter genre by pitting four hunter players versus one player who plays as a powerful monster.

“Evolve” takes this asymmetrical multiplayer shooter paradigm, to test the teamwork of players as they attempt to take down the monster who attempts to evolve and outmaneuver the hunters in battle.

In addition, the flora and creatures in a particular map will play a significant role in how hunters and monsters play a particular map.

For hunters, four classes are available, including trapper, support, assault and medic.

Revision 3’s Adam Sessler described “Evolve” as “the most intense game of hide and go seek you can imagine playing.”

Players of the various hunter classes will have to use the special abilities of their particular class in coordination to take down the monster.

While “Evolve” is a fresh take on asymmetrical multiplayer shooters, it not necessarily the first attempt at such a game.

In 2005, independent mod creators developed “The Hidden:Source”  a “Half-Life 2” mod that  places several players against a powerful invisible mutated research subject, who is also controlled by a human player.

“Evolve” is currently in development by Turtle Rock Studios and is expected to be released in Q3 2014 for PC, Sony (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One.

Watch the official trailer for “Evolve” in the video above.