Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. announced last week that it has established tentative plans for corporate expansion and is preparing announcements that will be released during the current year. According to the press release, expansion and joint venture projects may exceed $50 million this year.

The company owns the exclusive rights to an array of next generation cost-saving custom compounds, patents, process technology, and trade secrets that enable rubber to be reconstituted and specially blended into EPDM powders, and EPDM compounds. Magnum intends to continue developing new high tech custom compounds, processing aids, recycling solutions, and advanced state-of-the-art equipment.

The tentative expansion plans mentioned in the press release include: Additional equipment installation in Magog, Canada to facilitate rubber powder and specialty blend elastomer production; cryogenic and assimilated frozen substrate processing pilot plant; US facilities to further support contract obligations; Malaysian facility expansion and market penetration; joint venture agreements with targeted companies to complement our growth strategy; and, the establishment of a centralized corporate office.

Magnum will also commence an aggressive marketing program to increase investor awareness. The company plans to update the market on a weekly basis, or greater, with relevant and informative press releases. Magnum/SRI is working on both the “Our Planet” production series and the “21st Century Business Solutions Series” to promote its revolutionary technology to the worldwide market in the coming months.