The greenback ended stronger yesterday against the EUR, after the EUR made an attempt to rebound a day before yesterday and the EUR/USD pair is now currently trading at 1.3451.

The support to the USD against other currencies came as a result of approving the health reform and putting and end to political uncertainty which was driving investors out of the market. The USD was slightly up against the Yen; currently the pair is trading at 90.54. The USD was almost unchanged against the AUD, ending the trading day at 0.9173.

The strength of the greenback came in contrast to the decline in the Existing Home Sales report. After falling for the third month, the report has put doubts over economic recovery. Therefore, investors will be looking closely on the New Home Sales report, due later today at 14:00 GMT for an indication of the housing market's recent direction. Lower than expected results may cause the USD to decline against other major currencies.