Expert Network - May 2012

The World’s Best Business Meeting Hotels

on May 30 2012 3:35 PM
The World’s Best Business Meeting Hotels

Periodically in this column I will share some of my favorite business hotels around the world.  Obviously, there are hundreds of great properties, but I will try to select a few which appeal for a particular reason.  If you have suggestions for properties I might include in future columns, please comment below.

New Delhi: The Leela Palace Kempinski New Delhi 

A Glamorous Barbecue? Absolutely! Colin Cowie Shows You How

on May 23 2012 9:43 PM
A Glamorous Barbecue? Absolutely! Colin Cowie Shows You How

Hamburgers and hot dogs can send shivers down the spine of any fashionista. But celebrity party planner Colin Cowie says that outdoor entertaining can be posh and painless with just a few simple steps.

The key, Cowie says, "is treating the outdoors like the indoors." Think of your property as a room. The grass is the floor. The trees and flowers are the wallpaper.

Survey The Grounds

Walk around the backyard. Are there areas of the grass that didn't get enough water? Did you forget to plant flowers in the back corner? Lay out the space strategically. After setting up three separate areas -- one for serving, one for dining and one for lounging -- look around. Enhance areas that feel sparse with wood or ceramic planters overflowing with impatiens or azaleas. Still feel like there's not enough color? Take a trip to Target or Home Goods and buy extra-large colorful pillows to throw on the grass. A casual group will be happy to find extra seating on the ground. Added bonus: bright patterns will look great in the photos!

Divide And Conquer

The Roller Coaster Ride Of GoogaMooga

on May 23 2012 9:56 AM
The Roller Coaster Ride Of GoogaMooga

It wasn't held in a field in the middle of Tennessee.  But there was an area dedicated to pork beer from Brooklyn Brewery and plenty of live music for the first ever Great GoogaMooga fest held in Prospect Park last weekend.  

Dubbed an "amusement park of food and drink," the festival, organized by Superfly (the madmen behind Bonnaroo), combined the best local chefs, craft beers and wines from around the world, and live music.  Unlike their other events, the music took second stage to the food.

General admission tickets were free and sold out immediately (though available for purchase on craigslist).  ExtraMooga, VIP tickets, could be bought on the day of the fest for $250.  A steep price, but it included unlimited beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and food.

And it turned out, many of the demos and discussions with the celebrity chefs were only accessible with the ExtraMooga pass.  I suppose the VIP access might have been worth the hefty cost, especially to avoid the initial chaos that came with GA access.

Best Hotel Spas of the World

on May 22 2012 12:11 PM
Best Hotel Spas of the World

With so many hotel spas in the world, it is difficult to choose where to reserve your next treatment. When looking for the best spas, however, there are a few that stand out in my mind. Below is a selection of my recommended best spas of the world. With there being so many great choices, I'll list a few of my favorites today and follow up with part two shortly. Whether you are interested in a deep tissue massage or acupressure, these spas will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower

Best Hotel Spas in New York City

on May 16 2012 1:45 PM
Best Hotel Spas in New York City

It may seem like a challenge to find relaxation in the city that never sleeps. But rest assured with these four picks, you will find yourself having a luxurious and peaceful experience in the big city. Offering treatments from reflexology to deep tissue massages, the following hotels have my vote for the best hotel spas in New York City.

Trump Hotel Central Park

The 6,000 square foot Trump Spa offers state-of-the-art steam rooms and saunas. Rejuvenation can be achieved through facials, body scrubs and body wraps, which are all part of the detoxifying process. Take advantage of their celebrity skin specialist, Sonya Dakar, who consults to make specific skin treatments and regimens.

The Carlyle a Rosewood Hotel