Expert Network - December 2012

Three Ways To See Life As A Leader

on December 18 2012 11:24 AM
Three Ways To See Life As A Leader

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile – Albert Einstein

In a column for Success magazine, John Maxwell shared a story about a picture of his son taken with Mother Teresa. Maxwell had sent him to India for a month so he could see the world as it was, not how he thought it was. His son worked in food lines in Kolkata for several weeks and then traveled the country by train in coach class. At the conclusion of the trip he had a brief audience with Mother Teresa.

Maxwell said the photo serves as a reminder to see the world from multiple perspectives, make decisions with empathy, appreciate what you have and work to better the lives of people who don’t have as much. As a leader you have a worldview that merits consideration. It reflects the beliefs you have and influences the decisions you make. In the run up to 2013 here are three ways to look at life and leading through the lens of leadership.