Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster has seen it all. In 1997, a designer sent her dresses in the wrong color for Kim Basinger. So a seamstress had to work two days straight to get the dress done on time. "I felt so bad for her," she told me. "We just kept giving her more and more coffee."

Then, a few years ago, Jennifer Hudson walked out with shoes in the wrong size. "I ran three red lights trying to get to her before she performed at the Clive Davis party," Paster recalled. "I arrived right before she performed."

These days, though, Paster is no longer content to deal with red-carpet mishaps. Last week, Paster announced the arrival of her second accessory collection for JustFab.com, which for $39.95 per month lets members select an array of shoes, bags, jeans and sunglasses chosen by the site's stylists.

"The collection epitomizes summer," Paster told me. "It's bright and graphic with a lot of prints."

Paster knows a lot of fashionistas are afraid of color. So she hopes people get it. "Most people don't like to take risks. But the truth is that the right print can make you look thinner. Not bigger."

Her favorites? "Right now I'm enamored with a little Proenza Schouler dress that comes in yellow, black and seafoam green. I also just bought printed pajama bottoms at Zara for myself."

Risks come in other forms, too. At the Oscars this year, Paster put Felicity Jones, the stunning "Like Crazy" star, in head-to-toe leather. The choice was chancy for many reasons. Though her performance got rave reviews, Felicity is new to the award-show circuit. Many newcomers stick with classic fabrics and silhouettes to ensure they don't land on the Worst-Dressed lists.

At 5-foot-2, Felicity is also tiny. Black leather could have made the petite actress look even smaller on camera. But Paster and her client fell in love with the look. "I loved that it was a little punk rock. There are times that I look at six dresses on the rack before an award show, and after a while they all look similar. This was different."

Though she swathes her clients in high-end finds, Paster believes there's no need to spend a lot of money. "If you're on a budget, make sure you have one really good pair of jeans, one dress and a few other staples," she advised. "Saks and other department stores will be having 70-percent off sales soon. So it's a good time to stock up."

And when in doubt go to JustFab.com, she says. "You can get 12 pairs of amazing shoes for very little money!"