Cloud Computing is on everybody's lips these days and we are bombarded with geek arguments telling us why we should use this technology to run our businesses. Many of us wonder what it's all about, this cloud computing?

The answers are often not compelling. Why do I need 600 trillion megabyte storage and what is it anyway? My answer to these numbers -- who cares?

Here are a few reasons to think about business cloud computing:

Start Your Business in 60 Seconds. That is how long it takes to sign up to business cloud computing providers. Another 10 minutes later and you'll be sending out bills or quotes using your own domain name.

Grow Your Business. Never worry about your IT infrastructure. Security, backups, new colleagues, it's all included. Make sure your provider offers you all the software you need today and has all the apps you will need in the future -- pick 'n' mix today and all-in-one tomorrow. The importance here is to get as much as you can from one provider. Not only your apps, but domain, email and website as well.

Accelerate Your Business. Cloud computing will help you to implement your new ideas faster. A good cloud computing provider will offer interface customization. Remember your Business DNA is important; don't let a software vendor tell you how to run your business.

Building A Great Team. A job is often also a lifestyle choice. The younger generation especially want to work in a hip company and use up-to-date apps to do their job. Your team will not only deliver during business hours, but get it right and you'll have a team with passion for their job and your business.

Go Social With Customer Service. If you want marketing that works, use word-of-mouth. Get your customers to talk about you. Many of your customers will do so online, on social media sites. You need to be where your customers are talking about you. Any good business cloud software will include social media functions.

It's Not Business, It's Personal. I love "The Godfather" movies as much as the next guy, but in the time of cloud computing and social media, business is very personal. Customers are not customer IDs, they are humans. Business cloud computing will give you all the information and customer history you need to have a personal conversation. People do business with people.

Mobile, iPad, Laptop, Mac or PC. Cloud computing allows you to be mobile, work from home in the evening and not from the office. Clients want it now, if not yesterday. The new paradigm is anytime, anywhere and anyone.

With all those demands on you, the only way to have a great work-life balance is in the business cloud. More than that, it keeps you focused on your business goals, your team and your clients, while keeping the distractions to a minimum.