This morning, Exobox Technologies announced that its highly anticipated SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) data leak detection software product, ExoDetect, is now commercially available. Although many organizations heavily invest to protect their enterprise, significant data leakage still occurs at an estimated cost of $1 million per incident. Exobox’s software is uniquely designed to identify and recover valuable information and intellectual property that has been leaked beyond corporate walls.

Ted Ernst, CTO of Exobox, stated, “Exobox is excited to make ExoDetect available via subscription, to companies that want to safeguard their most valuable data assets and regain control over their reputations. No other product mitigates risk associated with governance and compliance breeches and closes the gaps that allow sensitive data to escape and become a liability to an organization to the extent that ExoDetect does. We worked hard to develop a product that would give corporations assurance that their private discussions, plans, and strategies were protected, and after a comprehensive research and development process, we have achieved that goal.”

According to the press release, beta testers of ExoDetect, including executives and information security officers for several Fortune 1000 companies, have responded with glowing feedback concerning the new software’s ability to shore up business information security.

“As a Beta Tester of ExoDetect, we have seen first-hand the huge value that this product can add to our data security program. With ExoDetect, we have another shield of armor protecting our corporate information,” commented Tim Stanley, Director Information Security for Continental Airlines.

“Halock Security Labs is committed to identifying and shoring up vulnerabilities in our clients’ information security systems,” said Karsten Abata, program director of Halock Security Labs. “ExoDetect is the best data leak detection software available and exponentially enhances our ability to address both the strategic and technical security needs of our clients and protect their most valuable assets.”