Exousia Advanced Materials, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced resins, engineered particles, high-performance coatings and structural products, announced today the introduction of its Power Shieldâ„¢ Single Pack Primer for marine applications.

Chairman and CEO of Exousia, J. Wayne Rodrigue, stated, “Through our relationship with Bohai Shipbuilding, one of the largest ship builders in Asia, we were able to identify an immediate area of significant cost savings that we could address. The commonly used two pack system requires double the set up time of our single pack solution. This new primer reduces the set up time by 50% for current marine coating applications. Due to the significant labor and setup savings that a single step primer versus a two coat system will provide, we anticipate that the demand for the single packet primer will be high.”

Mr. Rodrigue added, “While the initial focus will be in the marine industry, due to the immediate cost savings offered versus traditional application methods, this new single pack primer, developed and produced in our state of the art facility in Tianjin, should open the door to a broad range of primer customers. Including cold roll steel sheet manufacturers, bridge maintenance and construction, and infrastructure projects, just to name a few, these additional customer groups represent tremendous opportunities for growth and demonstrate Exousia’s continued potential for the months and years ahead.”