The problems with visiting reclusive North Korea is that there are few commercial flights going there.  You also need to receive explicit official permission and an entry visa from the Government of North Korea to enter the country.  Fotopedia's App on North Korea is then a very convenient way to gain an insight into the people of North Korea.

The App's author is photographer Eric Lafforgue, and he allows us a glimpse into the secretive life of the North Koreans.  There are more than 1300 pictures sorted by theme, location, and events.

Eric Lafforgue traveled to North Korea between 2008 and 2010, shooting images of everything that he could, playing a 'cat and mouse' game with his supervisors (oh yes, I forgot to mention that your trips to Korea requires supervision).  In this app, he managed to capture rare photos of farmers and health care facilities.  I am guessing these photos are rare because they want to hush any news of a famine, and lack of healthcare in North Korea.


There are many images of propaganda posters, military training, children's athletic corps, and monuments to Kim Jong-il.  Despite the numerous photos, I cannot help but to wander what more can be seen if Photographer Eric Lafforgue went off the approved track and took the un-authorized photos.

One of the many photos that stuck to my mind is that of children sitting and walking ON a six lane road, oblivious to the cars around (the highways are pretty empty there).


As with all Fotopedia apps, the images come with a helpful toolbar that allows users to get information on the photos from Wikipedia, pull up a map of the location of the photo, bookmark individual photos for your favorites collection, and search for other photos in the categories of Arirang Festival, Propaganda, North Korean Leaders, Korean People's Army, Traffic Officers, Places, People, and Themes.

If traveling by App is your thing, you may also be interested in Fotopedia's other Apps, Heritage, National Parks, Memory of Colors, Paris, and Dreams of Burma.  Fotopedia North Korea is free and available for the all iOS devices.

(All photos here are copyright of Eric Lafforgue)


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